What You Can Expect During Your Visit to An Eye Clinic

If you are heading for an eye clinic for your eye examination then you must know about the tests that will be conducted to check your eyesight. Nowadays there are many sophisticated instruments used for checking the eyes and within very short time doctors examine the condition of your eyes.

When you visit any eyes-specialist for your eye exam near me then following things are expected –

  • Be ready to answer few questions

Before examining your eyes, the doctor would like to know briefly about your medical history. Also, he will ask about the health history of your parents. Even if you cannot produce any medical report, your brief disclosure is sufficient for the doctor to get a clue about your existing problem. If you are taking any medicine for diabetes or high blood pressure then you must tell the doctor.

  • Checking with eye chart

Next you will undergo basic examination of your eye sight with the help of Snellen chart. This chart was invented by a Dutch scientist called Snellen and under his name the chart has been named. However, nowadays doctors use the same chart in computer version and with the help of remote button he will change the picture to check whether you can read the smallest letter properly.

  • Refractive error test

Either by using a retinoscope where doctor will shine your eyes by throwing a light and check how light changes after it enters your eyes. With this test doctor can determine what is the prescription for your eye glasses or contact lenses. Nowadays auto refractor is used which does almost the same thing which is little more objective than manual method. After that fine tuning is done by changing sets of lenses till you see the letters perfectly well.

  • Air puff test

Next the eye pressure is checked whether you have glaucoma which is responsible for damaging optic nerve of your eyes. This may also lead to loss of vision too. Doctor will use tonometer where you will feel little puff of air in order to measure the pressure of your eye. It is painless testing.

  • Digital images

With optical coherence tomography (OCT) doctor will take digital image of each of your retina layer to measure its thickness. With this test, doctor will know about the health of your retina.

  • Dilation

After doing OCT, doctor will decide whether to go for dilation by using special eyedrops. It may blur your vision for an hour but don’t skip it if it is recommended. It will give true picture about your eye.

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