What Qualities Must a Reiki Master Possess

Reiki is a Japanese method useful for reducing stress, getting rid of depression, helping you relax and heal your body, mind and spirit. Reiki is controlled by laying on hands method. The entire element of Reiki is based on the idea that the individuals have an energy or life force that flows through them. The life force energy is keeping us stay alive. Any imbalance in the flow of life force energy makes us depressed, ill, stressed and unhappy. It blocks the smooth flow of energy that must be unblocked by a Reiki master.

How can a Reiki Master Help You?

Once you decide to become a Reiki master, it indicates that you are willing to commit to your personal development and character growth. Being a master means you are willing and ready to accept the Five Principles of Reiki presented by the great Mikao Usui. These five principles are:

  1. Letting go of anger
  2. Letting go of worry and anxiety
  3. Be thankful
  4. Devotion to your work
  5. Treat everyone with kindness and compassion

Being a Reiki master means that you are ready to give yourself to provide comfort and care for those who are hurting. The term master in Reiki means to have control over your personal negative emotions like rage, sadness, anxiety and feeling unworthy. The master is required to treat all living beings humans and animals with compassion, love and respect.

Characteristics of a Reiki Master

The training required to complete the Reiki master stage involves completing three different levels. Each level has its own significance and no student is allowed to skip training at any level. In level one, the student is taught different methods and the history of Reiki. In Level 2 the student is introduced to classic Reiki symbols that they can use to heal people.

The third and the last lesson is about Reiki master techniques where a student learns the basic hand movements, and finally, the student is introduced to attunement and sacred Reiki symbols. The third level is called the master level and once this stage is completed without any issues the individual can become the Reiki master.

Reiki Master for Individual Personal Development

Learning to be a professional in Reiki involves hard work and dedication. The training will not only provide benefits to others around you, the training itself has a positive impact on your personal development. You learn to become tolerant and considerate of other people. You can find people who are in constant pain; your training in Reiki can improve the flow of blocked life force energy and help them become healthy again.

Be Aware of the Ultimate Reality

Becoming a Reiki master will help you become aware of the ultimate reality. The ultimate reality is a Mikao Usui master symbol that represents the fact that we are connecting with our deepest and the most important part of our enlightened personalities. The nature for curing people comes from the positivity within you as a master.

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