Learn about Dental Implant and Check if you are one of the Candidates

A missing tooth can cause shifting of the adjacent teeth, leading to gum disease and loss of additional teeth. An implantation can prevent these problems. During implantation a screw is inserted into the bone under the effect of local anaesthesia. Then few months of gap is given where strict diet is followed so that the surgical area isn’t affected with infection.

After few months, the screw that is inserted, sticks firmly to the gums as the skin starts healing and holding the screw tightly. It is said the screw is made of titanium because it doesn’t get rusted and also doesn’t react to skin which means no infection. Since the screw is fixed, now the space is filled with artificial tooth that looks just like the natural one.

During the implant dentaire procedure, preparing a crown isn’t an easy task. The size and distance of adjacent teeth is measured. Also including, the colour of all teeth is matched. Depending upon these factors, a new crown is created so that it fits perfectly and looks similar to other teeth. The new crown is fixed with the help of a screw or special cement.

There are different varieties of dental implants –

  • Endosteal implants are directly put in the jaw bone through surgery. This is followed with second surgery, after the first surgery heals that connects a post to implanted screw. Once both the surgeries heal properly then the artificial tooth is attached.
  • Subperiosteal implants include metal casing that is fixed to the jaw, when the gums repair, the case gets fixed to the jaws. After this, post and an artificial tooth is connected to the frame.

In initial days, implant surgery was painful. Now, the screws are made of titanium which doesn’t get rusted. With advance technology, the latest tools and equipment allow the surgery to be hassle free.

Missing tooth is an indication of aging when your gums become weak. However, sometimes when due to any accident or injury you lose your teeth then, you can always go for implantation, because misaligned teeth structure can lead to misaligned jaw structure. This results to sagging face and dropping chin.


Hence, next time don’t worry about recommending someone dental implant surgery as it can help many to get their confidence back. Also, not to forget before jumping to a conclusion, always consult your dentist, they would suggest you what line of treatment would be beneficial.

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