Inositol for Anxiety: Product Reviews and Taking the Right Dosage

Inositol is he naturally derived compound that has many health benefits as well as has built up the reputation amongst the users as one very effective anti-anxiety method. There is the wide range of the prescription medications made to treat anxiety – and knowing which to choose will often be the difficult task. There’re also natural products in case you wish to avoid pharmaceutical route. Inositol that is very carefully refined from the plant crops like corn, will provide the effective relief from symptoms of anxiety, and without any strong side effects associated with the prescription medicines.

Best Way of Taking Inositol?

Like we discussed, whereas Inositol is naturally found in various foodstuffs, this isn’t found in enough concentrations to affect the formation of Serotonin. Thus, if you’re looking to take benefit of natural inositol anxiety dosage relieving properties of the product, it’s the good idea looking to supplement the products. Inositol supplement is found on sale as the food supplement in powder and capsule forms. They are all very effective so it can depend how you plan to consume this supplement. Capsules of course are going to be very convenient to consume, while powders have got their benefits to blend well in other foods –such as fruit smoothie –that will make it palatable.

What is the Typical Dosage of Inositol for Anxiety?

Many studies are performed in effectiveness of the Inositol and anxiety at different dosages. Normally speaking, recommended dosage for the anxiety sufferers is 12 to 18 grams daily. When it is taken within the specified range then side effects are rare, normally limited to the temporary dizziness and headaches. Studies are performed where over 18 times of recommended dose is given to the patients without any serious side effects being reported. You need to consult your doctor before you take new medications, which include Inositol. They must suggest the appropriate level of dosage.

Like we discussed, Inositol is highly available in powder and capsule forms. Inositol is shown to increase the formation of Serotonin levels in the body. Thus, by raising its levels in the brain, it can resume the job of regulating your anxiety – and reducing the different symptoms that you are feeling of your anxiety. Inositol will improve any symptoms of depression; however research had some mixed results. For instance, one early study demonstrated taking 12gram of inositol supplement daily for four weeks improved the symptoms in the people having depression.

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