Four Interesting Things You Might Not Know about Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an ingredient that provides ultimate hydration, strength and radiance to the skin. This natural glycosaminogly can holds in skin moisture to prevent aging. It is popularly used in cosmetic procedures like the elimination of wrinkles and imperfections. It can be applied to the skin in the form of filling injections, aimed at improving the aesthetics of the face. If you are considering getting these injections, you want to know the following about HA:

It Has Anti-Aging Properties

HA is said to slow down the aging process because of its ability in minimizing puffiness under the eyes, repairing skin and decreasing age spots. HA is injected into the facial areas like fine lines, smile lines and wrinkles to diminish their visibility.

It is Present in the Human Body

Hyaluronic acid is concentrated in the eye sockets and joints which requires fluid movement. It helps in maintaining joint cushioning. Also, it is found in the skin tissue and offers continuous moisture as it builds up to one thousand times of its weight in water. It works with collagen to offer extra anti-aging benefits.

While HA can be naturally found in the majority of body cells, it is found in the highest concentration in the skin tissue. Nearly 50 percent of the HA in the body is found in the underlying dermal areas and visible epidermal top layers. Normally, the skin tends to enjoy a degree of smoothness and elasticity because of HA. However, aging causes the skin’s ability to produce HA to reduce. With this goes the reduced ability of the skin to hold water. This results in it becoming drier and losing its ability to maintain hydration. HA serves binds to water and keeps the skin free of wrinkles.

It Has Exceptional Moisturizing Properties

HA imparts works by imparting moisture deep into the skin to minimize blemishes, preserve its balance and suppress wrinkles. In turn, the skin will have an enhanced texture and youthful glow.

It Makes the Skin Strong

HA infuses dry, delicate and damaged skin with plenty of moisture which plumps and provides more elasticity. It can attract and lock in moisture to make the skin richer and stronger.

The next time you see HA listed on the label of a skincare product, you will know that the product can moisturize the skin and offer anti-aging hydration while offering enhanced texture and elasticity. And if you are looking to get the most benefits from HA itself, consider getting filler injections from a reputable acides hyaluroniques medecin injecteur.

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