Emergency Situations For Denture Repair And How It Is Done?

A denture not just evades grave tooth loss, but is also essential for keeping facial muscles intact. It is vital to care for them properly to avoid problems to your mouth and gums as well as damage to the denture.

Emergency denture repair situations

Sore spots

Your mouth shape changes, overtime, so dentures alignment gets altered and root sore spots on soft tissues within the mouth. Dentist use pliable material like rubber or wax on denture surfaces to reduce rubbing.

Mouth Infection


  • Mouth gathers moisture, when dentures are out of place and not fit properly
  • This causes yeast development, which stems Cheilosis

To avoid this condition, it becomes necessary to visit the dentist and see if dentures fit well.


  • Symptoms are redness and bumps within cavity under upper dentures
  • Yeast is the culprit, which develop due to moist areas

Patients can visit their one of their local Rockville dentists and take acute denture care to avoid denture repair and avert Stomatitis risk.

Denture Relines

Due to change in gum tissues and bone structure creates a gap and dentures come in direct contact with soft oral tissues. Denture recline process helps to tighten the grip between oral tissues and dentures. You get to bite, talk, chew, and smile confidently.

Denture rebase

Denture rebase process includes the replacement of comprehensive hard pink resin section. Repair is necessary because the teeth got loose or cracked. It becomes a risk on the dentures strength. Only teeth are not replaced in denture rebase process.

Denture repair process

Denture with broken base is possibly done in a minute. Sometimes it can take a couple of days depending on the dental laboratory you send it for repairs. However, they will tell you how long the repair process will take, so you stay prepared to be without dentures for this time. Never try to use glue for joining the broken pieces or cracks of dentures. If you experience any issue with the dentures, just take it to a dentist.

Appointment one

  • If the denture pieces fit properly then there will be no need to take your mouth impression. The dentist will just write a prescription for dental laboratory.
  • If something is missing from the denture or the pieces do not fit properly then a new impression will be taken to update the existing denture and existing mouth shape.

Appointment two

Dr Maryam Seifi at denture repair in Rockville, Maryland will check the renewed dentures to ensure that the suction is sufficient and edges don’t rub anywhere. You can contact her at StarBrite Dental, where you can get reliable cosmetic dentistry services along with emergency denture services.

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