All You Need to Know about Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis mainly occurs when hard scar tissues replace the healthy tissues of liver resulting in malfunctioning of liver. As the disorder becomes adverse slowly all the healthy tissues are replaced by scar tissues thereby hampering the functioning of liver.

The causes behind the occurrence of cirrhosis:

  • Leading improper lifestyle – Excessive drinking of alcohol swells up the liver paving way for cirrhosis. Smoking continuously results in damaging liver sometimes leading to liver transplant as the only treatment option.
  • Ailments due to Viral Hepatitis – Hepatitis C is known to be the main culprit behind the occurrence of cirrhosis. The liver swells, thus the normal healthy tissues are destroyed. Even hepatitis B and D are known to cause cirrhosis. You can suffer from these kinds of ailments due to varied reasons. The disease is caused when you come in contact with the infected person’s blood or have sex with the person already suffering from this ailment.

  • NASH – Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis causes liver to swell. This condition is usually observed in people suffering from obesity, coronary artery diseases, while having high cholesterol and eating junk food. Thus, a person needs to know the kind of food items to consume and the right life style to follow in order to prevent accumulation of excessive fat in the body.
  • Bile duct ailments – These kinds of diseases prevent bile from flowing to small intestine. Hence, blocking the intestinal tract which causes problems in digestion of food. Ultimately liver is damaged due to the reaction of harmful acids generated from undigested food. Gallstones and cystic fibrosis are few of the disorders that lead to bile duct destruction.
  • Consuming wrong medicines or abusing drug dosages favor cirrhosis. While taking medicines to cure any ailments without consulting experienced medical officer may sometimes affect liver functions to perform in improper way. Taking steroid dosages continuously for gaining varied health benefits permanently won’t be wise for keeping liver safe from the occurrence of cirrhosis.

Know the stages involved in happening of cirrhosis:

  • Compensated cirrhosis – The person won’t realize the symptoms. As there are more healthy cells remaining to compensate the loss of damaged cells. However, if it isn’t treated the health issues will get worse resulting in further damage of liver.
  • De compensated cirrhosis – In this kind, the person can experience the symptoms. If not treated immediately, the unfavorable conditions may lead to transplant of liver as the only remedy.

Noting symptoms of de compensated cirrhosis:

  • Bleeding occurs in blood vessels present in esophagus.
  • Excessive fluid builds up in stomach leading in bloating and constipation.
  • You suffer from severe jaundice symptoms.
  • Gallstones may occur.
  • Toxins mix up with blood aiding in malfunctions of multiple organs of body.
  • You get rashes and bruises easily.

As soon as you experience the health issues, it is best to consult well known medical professionals in your locality. To gain more information about cirrhosis, log on to the website of Dr. Guru n Reddy, a leading liver diseases consultant.

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