How to Deal with Children’s Fear of Sedation Dentistry

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What is oral conscious sedation?

Several children presently, because of normal anxiety and fear, require a specific process that would protect their welfare. This would be inclusive of minimizing the physical discomfort, minimizing psychological trauma, controlling fear and anxiety, controlling movement and behaviour, maximizing the potential for amnesia and allowing for satisfactory completion of dental process. This process is known as oral conscious sedation. For all your Vancouver Dental Emergency needs, you should look forward to hiring the best dentist near you.

Fear of sedation dentistry in children

In order to allow the dentist to treat children having fear of sedation dentistry, it would be pertinent to administer oral sedative medication. It should be administered before performing the dental procedure. These sedative drugs would minimally depress the conscious level of the children in a mild manner. However, it would enable the child to maintain continuously and independently their circulation and breathing.


How would the child respond?

Your child would be able to respond to physical stimulation and verbal commands. At times, crying has also been deemed as a means to communicate. It would actually be a safe indicator that the child is doing fine. The sedative medication used by the dentist encompasses amnesic effect. It has been the best feature in the sedative medication. In other words, your child would often recall little of what had happened. Chances are they might not even remember the process by the next day.

Why is oral sedation dentistry used?

Oral conscious sedation has been used in combination with nitrous oxide and local anaesthesia. The dentist could also make use of oxygen analgesia to replace nitrous oxide. The child would be continuously monitored during the sedation process. The child would be protected by physical immobilization. It would assure the greatest margin of safety and comfort for the child. Moreover, the process would also make sure highest quality of dental treatment.

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